Integrative Health Services


My work purpose is to free your body and mind of limitations through structural integration bodywork.

This includes medical, neurological, emotional, & myofascial balancing with kinesiology & bodywork to correct imbalances, reduce pain, create relaxation & joy.

I offer:

  • integrative & structural bodywork
  • Tom Myer’s fascial trains release
  • brain physiology kinesiology with acupuncture monitoring
  • mood enhancement & problem solving
  • athletic excellence & pain relief
  • cranial balancing with spinal relaxation
  • relationship harmony
  • restoring sleep and healing
As fear has robbed our security, we are in the process of birthing
new hope in the time of change. Our new paradigm calls for a new consciousness
of comforting vision and heart to bring hope first to ourselves in order to support
our brother and sisters globally. NEK Kinesiology sessions help clients relax into
this new consciousness in relation to fear in our changing world.
Telehealth, as well as onsite treatment available. Call 314-822-9291.