Pain and the Immune System

Some muscles, tendons, ligaments, tumors, and/or feeling ill can be caused by the innate sense of viruses, etc. by toll like receptors or pattern recognition sensors in the body. These responses to viruses, bacteria, and/or pathogens etc. And the pain sequencing response seems to differentiate myloid factors. Activation of the appropriate interference RNA helps to establish a localized antiviral state to limit viral replication.

In kinesiology we activate a neural signal of a glycoprotein such as interferone that signals a protein released by the host cell. Glycoproteins seem to play a significant role in binding and entry in the cells. When detecting pathogens, the glycoprotein stimulation of the the neural signal prevents replication through killing the virus, etc. And the RNA is upgraded.

After the neural connection to the glycoprotein receptor is degraded the pain is diminished over time. After the neural signaling is activated, release of the pain in muscle, tenden, ligaments, etc. is more easily facilitated.