Symptoms of Metabolic Syndrome

Symptoms include:

  • waist getting larger
  • blood sugar is high
  • blurred vision
  • and symptoms of late onset diabetes  

One who has metabolic syndrome can develop type 2 diabetes, heart & blood vessel disease, heart disease diabetes and stroke. Risk factors are increased blood pressure, and high blood sugar levels (insulin resistance). Metabolic syndrome X is a combination of risk factors that affect your body by causing a buildup of plaque in your arteries. Clogged arteries can lead to cardio vascular disease and stroke.

Metabolic X can lead to kidney disease, type 2 diabetes and poor blood flow to the legs. It is thought that some infections cause inflammation which play a role in the development of insulin resistance. Obesity and a diet high in refined carbs and sugar as well as fatty acids also can alter gene transcription, etc. Exercise will cause muscles to burn fat and eliminate insulin resistance. Other factors causing problems are sleep apnea, smoking, vitamin D deficiency. Working with kinesiology and bodywork get muscles firing at optimum level to start reversing metabolic issues.