Somato Sensory Overload

Symptoms of sensory defensiveness can be to high pitched noises, chewing sounds, lights, sudden touch, intolerance to fabrics, smells, difficulty with eye contact, intolerance to foods, tastes, texture or temperature and difficulty when exposed to a lot of sensory stimuli at once. This sensory stimuli provokes a fight or flight response. Those diagnosed with ADHD have higher rates of hypersensitivity to stimulus. Autism also increases hypersensitivity, especially to sound. Sensory overload can lead to a “meltdown” or temper tantrum. Some people experience dissociation which causes them to withdraw.

Sensory overload is quite common in today’s fast paced world by people, places, events, over scheduling, etc. A common complaint is lack of motivation, depression, being in a rut, being distracted or a sense of losing one’s purpose in life. It becomes difficult for the client to stay focused on their goals to produce relaxation, self satisfaction and self esteem.

We access the neural emotional pathways to redirect the scattered energy to the parasympathetic nervous system where total relaxation is experienced. The client can then better focus on their goals, desires and interests.

We can do this by phone and in person.