Barb’s Credentials

Barb Meyer is the founder of Integrative Health Services with 20 Years Experience.

  • 1985 Certification as instructor in Touch for Health, Dr. Ron Barnes, Australia
  • 1986 Certified Somatic Bodywork, Dennis Stock, M.A., St. Louis, Mo.
  • 1988 Certified Postural Integration, Gretchen Karros, M.A., St. Louis, Mo.
  • 1990 Certification as instructor Professional Health Provider, Dr. Bruce Dewe, Australia
  • 1993 Certification as instructor Applied Physiology, Richard Utt, Tucson, Arizona
  • 1995 LEAP Learning Enhancement Advanced Program, Charles Krebs, Ph.D., Australia
  • 200l C.O.R.E. Bodywork Certification, Gary Genna, M.A. St. Louis, Mo.
  • 2004 Ministerial Degree completed with Royal Satterlee, D.D. St. Louis, Mo.
  • 1995 to present Brain Hologram series, Hugo Tobar, Dip. Sci., Australia
  • Missouri License # 2002017232